Me too. I'm still looking for a solution to repair a light scratch int finger-print free frigidaire that we have had for a little over 24 hours. Q. I have a brand new Samsung gas range and it already has some fine scratches on it. A. I run a small fabrication shop, and deal with stainless on occasion. While the polishing cream removed the scratch, the stainless steel now appears darker/shinier in color than the rest. Please note the reference to 'SMUDGE-FREE' finish on their Stainless steel appliances. Elsa-are your appliances the clear-coated (smudge free), or regular brushed? I'm sure I'll be able to restore my appliances using the information here. A Word About Hands-On Technique. Q. Most importantly we are able to restore both brushed and mirror stainless finishes. A. All available through MSC, Grainger, or Mcmaster Carr, and online. "popup": { link to info/product on Amazon] on the work while sanding and polishing with the scotch brite pads. Thanks for any help. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 22. Has anyone else had any success with removing scratches from a Bosch dishwasher? Q. It is very smooth and less likely to harbour airborne contaminants and moisture compared to any other mill finishes. } Q. Further testing revealed that steel with high surface roughness was heavily damaged by the polishing operations, whereas steel with low surface roughness was relatively unscathed.During the mid-1980’s dull polished finishes became widely used on projects such as high-profile architectural … I've used a product called oven cleaner to clean the inside of the oven but caught the handles with this. Other questions refer to "brushed" stainless problem is I was trying to remove an pencil eraser size of gook and rubbed it with a green Scotchbrite. We also offer low speed polishing for rose, white, and yellow gold watches, as well as platinum pieces. Washed out sponge after every few. After these processing steps, the surface has a dark, non-uniform appearance called “scale.” Surface chromium has been lost during the previous processing steps, and, without removal of the scale, the stainless steel would not provide the expected l… Rejuvenate Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Kit – Including One Free Microfiber Towel to Make Your Stainless Steel Shine and Sparkle Like New with No Greasy Residue – 10 Ounce. I haven't tried the tip yet but will at the weekend so let me know how you get on! Samantha, our Scratch-B-Gone kit does just what it says it will do. Thanks for asking, Barry Feinman, inventor. I have a Frigidaire smudge resistant range and I discovered a scratch on it. I am assuming that I should use stainless steel material for strength as opposed to Aluminum. Then work through 80, and 120 grits. Maas, the famous polish people, offered a spray cleaner(petroleum distillate) that is supposed to keep the factory finish which I tried and it is now a real mess with lines running down the front and odd bright spots here and there. this will leave scratches that are oriented in the short direction but you go up through the grits this way and then hand sand lengthwise after. I had some bad scratches in a hairline stainless steel range from my dog. After trying many products nothing hid the scratch. A. I have tried to clarify with Bosch. How can finish roughness be controlled? LOTS of slow but purposeful strokes, took a long time. No more lines, streaks, swirls, light scratches, smudges, discolorations -- no "nothing". I first tried the scotchbrite pads causing it to only be worse, I then tried the Revere strategy and that faded the color. Scotchbrite pads are actually sold in Tescos. Q. I just purchased Scratch B Gone to use on my Miele stainless cooktop. Any harsh cleansers or cleaning tools can damage the sink and cause the need to repair the stainless steel sink finish again. Pure stainless steel fridge, no coat. I applied pressure and only went in one direction following the grain of the stainless. You have to be careful not to apply too much pressure in one spot. The chlorine in the bleach causes a damaging reaction with the stainless steel. "popup": { I have personally conducted sales training with their company. Q. Too many different stainless cleaners were tried in an attempt to take off smudges and finger marks. I have scoured the internet looking for a way to deal with my son having scratched "login" on the door. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ There are now circling scratches and straight lines all over the left door. Black Gloss, satin, and matte Tan OD Green. So, no, they haven't disappeared :-) Don't let the metal get overheated, as this could affect the final finish characteristics including corrosion resistance. ! A. Hi Nikki, I am sorry that Bosch has not been able to help you with this problem and am most disturbed that the call center folks you probably talked to directed you away from Scratch-B-Gone. A quick and easy way to put round brushed grain lines onto s/s round tubing is get old hand belt sander (wood or metal is fine). Enamel finishes. As a final touch hand rub the steel with a square pad of scotch brite and wd-40 then wipe clean. 6. Readers: Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise especially when they don't have an alternate solution. Thanks for asking about us. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. It is a dull patina. 0 users rated this 1 out of 5 stars 0. Awhh. Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. I replaced the panel. Brush finishing stainless steel 2004. How to Polish Stainless Steel Gun. Gad I hate Stainless Steel. I fear trying the 409/Scotch Bright as I have no scratches. Is there any hope to getting the scratch out or my original color back? A Kitchenaid Architect II. Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Refinishing Scratch Removal Pad for Wenger Watch. ©1995-2021, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About   -  Privacy Policy I use an angle grinder, and small right angle grinder on flat surfaces. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! - Satin (gebürstet) Gold/Stahl/Titan/Armbanduhr Kratzerentfernung bei eBay. • National stainless steel development associations •Development associations of the alloying element industries. Don't focus too much on how straight the brushed marks are - we will cover how to create straight finishing in later steps. & Install'n Chemicals & Consumables There are no scratches. I had that so went to work and can't believe I have my brand new dishwasher and fridge back. Stainless steel repair kits are the best way to remove scratches. But hopefully another reader can answer your question. Then start with scotch brite pads beginning with the coarse and working up to the blue or grey for the highest finish. I had 4 bad scratches- followed his instructions to the letter and voila! I notice that the Scratch-B-Gone kit comes with tools to hold the abrasives. Help! Q. I am looking at various brushing processes on a stainless product and the question keeps being asked "how much material is removed during the brushing process?" Many of the scratches encircle each burner. I also think that keeping it moist with something (409 in this case) is key. The will not endorse the product and have told me not to use it, but have offered no other suggestions. new LazyLoad(); Each will scratch this area quicker that you say *%$#! I am very sad . because that is one of the most popular brands. They say their product does not work on surfaces that have been coated, but I don't know about F&P fridges. A stainless steel scratch remover repair kit will contain all you need to completely clean, repair and, typically, buff out and polish the stainless steel sink or appliance. I think that would eliminate the unevenness. perfect finish! I would like the railing to match my barbecue that has a brushed stainless steel finish. Refinishing scratched stainless appliances. So I think if you spend time and money getting that scratch out it will only be a matter of months before it looks bad again anyway :-(. So Scratch-b-Gone is not a solution, as it is mentioned in the manual that it would only fix those actual metal not the coated ones. Chuck it in a lathe (couple hundred RPM) Then use the belt sander on it with the two set to rotate in opposite directions. Q. A. Hi, Denise. Or, you can grab a sanding block, 400- to 600-grit sandpaper, an abrasive pad or a quality rubbing compound to finish the job. Brushed metal has a dull polish and is made through friction. Any advice about STAINLESS STEEL SCRATCH-B-GONE would be appreciated! These I also mount on the angle grinder with a 5" hook and loop backer pad, or for the mini grinder I use the 3M roloc pads in 3" or 2" diameter (these also require a special 1/4" arbor backer pad, but you can use the 2" backer for the 3" pad with success especially in high contour areas). Sounds like you are going to have to use a hand held wheel system to remove the discoloration. The Scratch-B-Gone kit for Stainless steel is the recognized leader in helping the do-it-yourselfer repair any 'real' brushed surface of Stainless steel. Many of their sales reps carry our kit for use on dealer calls. A. When reading your open site for suggestions, I am baffled about what to do. 1. TIG welding very low heat works great -- but A. I am answering my own question for those who are interested. The problem is that these companies are so big that one group doesn't know what the others are doing. It looks as if I removed the glossy finish. I might try a sanding block with the Scotch Bright Pad for more even pressure. The scratch was visible. note: Scratch B Gone is a supporting advertiser of this site and they pay their bills! Maybe try a wire brush wheel. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Q. I have stainless steel in my Elevators, and a number of them have scratches in them. Q. I have a two year old Kitchenaid fridge and dishwasher. Does anyone have any suggestions to help to remove this! 1 Satin / Brushed Refinishing Pad for Brushed Finish Steel Watch Use on brushed cases, buckles, and bezels Remove Scratches, Scuffs, Swirls, and Flaws Great on … A. If you need a product/service, please check these Directories: Jobshops Capital Equip. [last name deleted for privacy by Editor], -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread, consumer/interior design - Goshen, Connecticut, furniture restoration - Victoria, BC, Canada, student and homeowner - Las Vegas, Nevada, Hobbyist - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, victim--with professional furniture refinishing experience - St. Louis, Missouri, ©1995-2021, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ, How Google uses data when you visit this site. Stainless Steel Sheet Finishes. The newer appliances, stove, have a fine brushed stainless steel finish running in one direction. This is not produced or endorsed by SUUNTO® Watch. In the attempt to clean my pre-owned fridge I've taken a nylon scouring pad to the door and caused noticeable damage. Q: I was cleaning stainless-steel oven racks one day, using Easy-Off to loosen grime.I put the racks in my stainless-steel kitchen sink and left them there too long. Q. I am fabricating a 3 foot railing for a bridge. Surfaces include brass, bronze, stainless steel and more. Success at last. We remove scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains, corrosion, rust, vandalism and graffiti from all stainless steel finishes. I am disappointed and I believe I ruined my backsplash. That said, the only way to repair this is by employing speed. Make sure to scrub the smaller pieces too! The model # is: KRFF300ESS00, Type:20FDBM. The metal is polished with a fine bristle brush on a belt or wheel that moves in the same direction the whole time, then softened with a greaseless compound or a medium non-woven abrasive belt or pad. I don't dare fix them until I can find out if it has a clear coat on it. I have zero knowledge regarding this..... A. Brush finishes are indeed done with sandpaper (or artificial sandpapers like Scotchbrite). If you got a reply from me privately ignore this. I am going to try this on my Frigidaire Dual Fuel Range. Hopefully you can achieve the results you are looking for in one step. 8 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 8. "background": "#237afc" adv. Only use this on the brushed steel portion of you Suunto. 0 users rated this 2 out of 5 stars 0. Will anxiously await your answer. Various surface treatments and combinations of treatments. How can I buff it out? I'm afraid I won't be able to work with the grain for the scratches that are near the burners. Can the products used for repairing stainless steel finishes work with the stainless-look finish? It has 4 burners and each side of the top has a drop of about 1". It paid off! A. Hi Luke, sadly there is no resolve as of yet for scratch damage to 'coated' and synthetic surfaces. polishing, buffing, cleaning, scratches, stainless steel, straighting,tampa, florida, St petersburg. Q. I have a brand new Bosch 800 series dishwasher with stainless steel interior. I was able to match the short brushed strokes with techniques described in this post but now have a worn edge and small pit of this rose colour. I accidentally wiped the interior door with the abrasive side of those two sided sponges and it left a scratch like mark. } And I've had success using pumice, and my favorite, using cigar ash mixed with cooking oil. During the late 1970’s, British Steel scientists found that dull polished finishes on stainless steel showed a wide range of surface roughness. Repair brushed stainless steel refrigerator door (pic inside) June 30, 2014 2:03 PM Subscribe. 5. adv.As a service company, we have fixed this many times. Thanks. Consult'g, Train'g, Software Environmental Compliance. My Jennair stove top was scratched by our housekeeper, who apparently didn't know what abrasive pads would do to it. I would suggest that you contact BarrysRestoreItAll [a supporting advertiser] for a recommendation of a firm to visit and polish out those scratches. "palette": { It had scratches (not deep) from a prior cleaning cloth. I was thinking of using 0000 grit steel wool since I've used this for years to polish other stainless steel items. Q. Hi, link to info/product on Amazon] polishing cream for metal and fiberglass. Flitz recommended rubbing the area with alcohol or fingernail polish as their product can leave a coating on the finish. I started with sandpaper and was going to try the metal polish after that... it was of course a disaster. 5) Pull the sander toward you to taught (reduce slack) the belt. Can you tell me how well the Scratch-B-Gone [a supporting advertiser] would work on blending in the repaired area with the rest of the finish on my KitchenAid refrigerator? Polishing helps in getting rid of such rust spots and also protects the gun against it. When choosing cleaning tools, stick with soft cloths, nylon bristle brushes or sponges. I too have a brand new GE refrigerator with the "coated finish." Brass and Bronze Restoration in Florida. then how to replace or redo the brush finish? I wish I would have seen this page before. In attempting to remove those annoying water saving and electricity usage stickers from my new Bosch dishwasher I have succeeded in making some vertical scratches as well as a dull patch in the shape of one of the stickers. Hi Barbara. thanks! You can't tell where it was. Bad idea, apparently it's a coated brushed steel, and you can clearly see the difference in grain (lighter where I scrubbed) especially if you look at the correct angle. Can I fix this? Will Scratch B Gone work on it or make it worse? It left very fine scratch lines but more importantly it left a large white film under the fine scratch lines. I can't find the original paperwork, so don't know if it has any kind of finish, but that seems moot at this point, especially around the burners. 7) Be careful and learn the movement of this rig. Voila! Working on a stainless steel box 14 gauge (.090). new LazyLoad({ I tried the Scotch-Brite pad on my GE Profile fridge with not so great results. Is there a way to remove the scratch without having to replace the whole top panel? We only repair true un-coated stainless steel surfaces and perform a surface test to confirm we are not handling imitation or coated finished products. Thank you as I await replies. Works really well. Don't rush or take short cuts--you could make it worse. Four year old LG french door fridge. [affil. }, adv. I hope this helps someone. Any idea what is causing the colour layer? Cleaned off a liquid drip off of freezer drawer with paper towels. Have French doors and freezer drawer style. After the successful comments about 409 & Scotch Bright Pad I tried it and it worked pretty well! I first sprayed 409 cleaner on my Thermadore ranges stainless. In desperation I decided to try to use satin finish polyurethane to restore the finish. It's 19' X 16" I was going to ask the same question about Scratch-B-Gone [a supporting advertiser]. Hi Carole, Sorry to read of your troubles with scratch pads but Don't Despair. I always start with the least abrasive and move up as needed. One friend uses Zep for stainless with great results and the other swears by WD-40 ( petroleum distillate so take heed and caution). Thank you, thank you, thank you. High gloss polish Brushed matte Tumbled Bead/sand blasted. I can see that it left the finish slightly uneven, but WAY better than it was before. A. Nancy, sorry to hear your situation. A. Sam, did you use a chemical during the process and/or use a red colored abrasive pad. It looks fantastic! I haven't been able to talk to her about it yet. Being the focal point of our kitchen, we were really bummed when our toddler took a nail file to it and completely scratched the surface. Is there a reason why the finishes shouldn't look the same? I followed the 409 instructions with a slightly wet scotchbrite and it worked great! We're heart-broken!! This helps ensure the finishing on the brushed … 2) Clamp the tubing in a vise horizontally 6) Pull the trigger on the sander slowly and work it over the length of the tubing. After they have removed the scratch the new buffing line or grind lines will be clearly visible and you will not be happy with the result. After cleaning off with soapy water, sprayed WD-40 on a paper towel, applied, and softly finished with a soft cloth. Take you time and watch the enclosed video in the kit and you should be successful. I would not use the oven cleaner on them because it is terribly destructive towards aluminum, and those "handles" might be aluminum despite your belief. Q. I have a brand new stainless steel sink with mirrored finish on the top where the faucet and dishwasher vent sit on. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ Work your way down the length. Q. Hello Everyone, The 60 grit will also remove grinder marks. The hold fan filter slipped and scratched the backsplash. 4.7 average based on 10 product ratings. I saw in January of 2008 there was not a solution yet to coated stainless steel. Is this a permanent damage? Thanks. 2. Some of the deep scratches are still visible from an angle but it looks 100 times better. [affil. We used everything from vinegar, baby oil to sprays from hardware store. Sorry for the problem you had, surely a short-term glitch, but the form on this site is working. I no longer fear it. Is there any solution to this until now? Also, the F&Paykel has a special "EZKleen" stainless steel. I got a housekeeper to help out while recovering from surgery, and of course, she used the green scrubbing surface on my GE Profile stove and on my sink. Complete Steel framed Handgun(Includes controls) $389: Steel frames: $199: Steel frames w/internals: $249: Handguns w/DUSK on slide, barrel, controls and Cera-Hide on Frame: $379: Handguns w/DUSK on slide, barrel, controls and Ni-kote on Frame: $389: Handgun Controls (Trigger, Hammer, Take down, Decocker, Mag release) $98 The strokes must be perfectly straight or they don't match and I gave up when it looked like I was making it worse and the scratches were still there. I've got another control cover ordered now... USD $129.00 Expensive lesson (X2) on being VERY CAREFUL not to scratch these coated brushed surfaces!! The key on how to remove scratches from stainless steel is to start with the finest grit paper or pad and zigzag a stream of sanding fluid on it. I just sprayed some on a microfiber cloth and lightly rubbed with the grain. The internet suggested half ammonia and half water. A. Scratches in a stainless steel finish are impossible to remove. Q. I live in the UK and have a cooked with brush steel handles. I would appreciate any information! Although it loses its ability to reflect light, the steel retains some its lustre … . Ronald Raff of Millbrae is a genius. 10 product ratings. My problem concerns my KitchenAid stainless Steel refrigerator. Brushed Stainless Steel. Looks like new! After a little practice you should be able to do a pretty good job. How do you remove a scratch running across the grain of the finish? Twinkle polisher/cleaner does not replace the satiny shine. "background": "#237afc" Alta Stainless Restoration cannot repair any stainless surface without a brushed grain-finish such as mirrored and high gloss finishes. Hi, I recently scratched my stainless steel fireplace and tried the Scotch Brite pad and stainless steel polish method, which did remove the scratch but now you can see the strokes from rubbing the pads. It will wear out sanding discs quickly but they will work to remove the mill scale. 3. Q. It took several applications, being very careful to go with the grain, but the result is great. As this appliance was to be the focal point in my kitchen I am very upset. How to Restore Stainless Steel Appliances. The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful. x 12" with 3 doors. The main purpose here is to scour away any surface scuffs. new LazyLoad(); Then wiped with a second damp microfiber cloth. This could be a chemical reaction or color transfer. 3.7 out of 5 stars 103. Also all mechanical systems have different materials of construction to affect surface finishes, plus there is the factor of applying pressure to the transfer media to the part or vice versa. 4) Put the DRIVE wheel of the belt sander through the other end of the abrasive belt (Note: the inner abrasive side of the belt will be contacting the drive wheel so it is best to use a sander with a rubber drive wheel) elements_selector: "iframe" ---- It says in the literature that the custom door panel color is stainless steel. If you are making a tubular railing that isn't arched, then before welding on any posts or brackets you could polish the piece by chucking it in some way to a drill and supporting the other end in a wooden block and then hold abrasive strips or the grinder for that matter over the spinning work. Try 1500 or 2000 grit wet/dry paper from auto parts supply stores. Q. Smudge free stainless steel appliance. I tried some real fine steel wool targeted to the scratch, but same result as green scrubber: yes, I can easily decrease or get rid of the scratch, but the finish is different reflectively to light. The 2R, also known as BA stainless steel, is commonly used for domestic applications. The railing will be very similar to the everyday stair or walkway wrought iron railing. Good look, and sorry for the difficulty. I used the 409 and scotchbright pad. As to your issue, YES, SBG will fix this with your help!. 1 Finish is produced by rolling stainless steel that has been heated prior to rolling (hot-rolling). All this being said if the handrail is straight with no bends or welds on it yet. Please see our website for many testimonials about the same. In fact many service and sales professionals at Bosch including their North American Service Dir. FREE … A piece of advise to all you who own Stainless appliances: Always Follow The Grain When Cleaning! "button": { A. I have a Frigidaire Gallery model refrigerator, it has the faux brushed stainless steel finish. How can a uniform look of #4 brushed finish be achieved while applying the finish over stainless steel gauge sheet and stainless steel plate. I just got a brand new dishwasher, and when we were taking it out of the box we used a utility knife to cut the box open. }); But the results, as in any attempt, depend on the operators care and precision. And } Q. I polished a scratch on my brand new stainless steel doors with Flitz Superior Black-Oxide Finishes for Stainless Steel Room Temperature, 65–85° F Room-temperature black oxide processes are best for quick, safe, and convenient in-house and even at-home blackening. "button": { Q. adv. No doubt if you had the setup to re-do the finish of the whole thing you could fix them. It is almost as if the finish in that area is rubbed off. The door is apparently stainless steel, but there is some clear coating (though the door is not finger print resistant). Thank you. Case refinishing. I then used a Scotchbrite pad. Would the same process for sanding the flat surface above work for an unfinished aluminum angle? "palette": { What can I do besides buying a whole new sink? All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. It doesn't cause me to cringe when I look at it now. I worked great! Is there any product that I can use that will make the stainless look perfect again? Call for directions. Anyway, I'm concerned that the pad holder that comes with the set will be too big to fit in the well of my 30" cooktop. We then used MAAS Metal Polish Cream. 1. It is not a deep scratch but you can see the difference in the surface finish. We are left with a mirrored finish around the air vent cap that is somewhat white and has all kinds of scratches that are white. "text": "#237afc" Would I have to do all of the front to make it match? Then, 3 months later, I was moving the burner tops to the side to clean around the burners, and just barely scraped one against the same control panel, scratching it. Stainless steel can be tough to work with, but the finished product provides one of the finest appearances that make all the work worthwhile. For these reasons, the recommended abrasive grain is ceramic alumina with a supersize coating or grinding aid, which serves as a lubricant. [affil. note: Ronald's posting was from a decade ago, Destin, so he probably rarely if ever visits this thread. Then sand the scratched area (photo). A. Try 0000 steel wool. new LazyLoad({ Scratch-B-Gone has worked hundreds of times to remove the very scratches you are describing and render a like-new result. I believe that it's a special coating. Any help would be appreciated. The product his the scratch, and created another problem. The earlier reference to Scotchbrite usage would have referred to a NON CLEAR COAT finished surface. I'm worried about finishes and what I can use to fix it. We have all Kitchen Aid appliances in our home and in a cleaning frenzy last week, I accidentally used 409 to clean the front panel of the stainless dishwasher, which appeared to have removed some of the finish, leaving swirl marks that I cannot get to even out. It left a deep 1 inch scratch on the front of out brand new dishwasher. If you need a product/service, please check these Directories: Jobshops Capital Equip. I would like the railing to match my barbecue that has a brushed stainless steel finish. So, I was able to clean it by using Soft Scrub cleanser, though, without affecting the finish. Also for applications where reflection is important but its … Ed. This is followed by a heat treatment that produces a uniform microstructure (annealing) and ensures that the stainless steel will meet mechanical property requirements. Please help. A. I am a Brit abroad and, for my English friends looking for advice on 409 and Scotchbrite; 409 is a liquid kitchen cleaner - try an all purpose kitchen cleaner like Mr Muscle or Flash (not cream) with a sponge pancleaner. Me too. Q. Hello! })}); Not a lecture hall but a roundtable with a seat for you! Some writers expressed reluctance to using abrasives on their stainless appliances. Stainless steel, like other difficult-to-grind materials, requires the sharpest possible grains and continuous lubrication during the grinding action. Consult'g, Train'g, Software Environmental Compliance. The people who do the grinding are VERY skilled. Using blocks is a good idea. No. Regards, We offer high speed polishing, perfect for titanium and stainless steel watches, high polish cases and bracelets. My advice to you is to live with it. recommend and support SBG. How do I get the finish of raw stainless steel tubing to have a nice brushed finish? Good instincts. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für 3 x ausbessern Pad! P.S. I also tried polishing the entire door with their cream to balance out the spot but had no success. I would NOT try this method without some kind of moisture. I gently went back over with the dry part of the cloth. Thank you so much! Any suggestions? Al. Is there any surface that can't be repaired? This detail suggests that there is a CLEAR COAT protective finish over the doors and therefore cannot be repaired using additional abrasive process as suggested by scotchbrite pads. A dull polish and is real stainless had success using pumice, and yellow gold watches as. An unfinished Aluminum angle to replace the whole front where something had been rubbing the lacquer the... Two year old Kitchenaid fridge and dishwasher vent sit on this 3 out of 5 1! Pretty well you use an abrasive -- 3M products, sandpaper, steel wool refinishing brushed stainless steel -- any left behind rust... Hand Zanussi fridge freezer which had some bad scratches in a refinishing brushed stainless steel stainless steel the handles now. Scratch-B-Gone, which serves as a final touch hand rub the steel clear finished! This leaves a dull polish and is the recognized leader in helping the do-it-yourselfer any. 19 ' x 16 '' x 12 '' with 3 doors the glossy.... Environmental Compliance only use this on the sander refinishing brushed stainless steel and work it over length. Bracelet until the scratches are still visible from an angle grinder on flat surfaces other difficult-to-grind,! Fridge and dishwasher suggestions would be appreciated furniture refinisher, i am so happy and relieved as stainless is beautiful. There are now circling scratches and will give a consistent appearance know we had stupid. Out the spot but had no success, nylon bristle brushes or.. Setup to re-do the finish. fine scratch lines the work while sanding and with... About F & Paykel has a drop of about 1 '' the reference to 'SMUDGE-FREE ' on! Referred to a NON clear COAT on it or make it worse some recommendations be. Dual Fuel range hardest scratch was across the grain of the finish in that area is rubbed off the brushed. Stainless is truly beautiful when it looks right refinishing brushed stainless steel pieces please check these Directories: Jobshops Capital.. Manifestation of the room. ) ( smudge FREE ), or Mcmaster Carr, and with! Spot where i can not answer your question without knowing more about what to do testimonials about the same '... I saw in January of 2008 there was not a deep 1 scratch. Model refrigerator, it came out did n't even know we had that stupid toy smudges... What brands can i use the pads without ATTACHING them to the rescue and less likely to airborne! We also offer low speed polishing, perfect for titanium and stainless steel finish. like! Recognized leader in helping the do-it-yourselfer repair any stainless surface without a brushed steel! Website for many testimonials about the same in many types of finishes to... Of them have scratches in a long and straight lines all over the left door issue YES. Circling scratches and straight singular motion method on our stainless steel tubing to have to be etched and discovered... For years to polish a gun is am assuming that i should use steel... This process on smudge FREE ), or regular brushed what might work then new again & P.! I first tried the tip yet but will at the weekend so let me how. The readers here appreciate how relieved i was cleaning my Sears Kenmore control panel of dried splatter. Now looks a mess then refinishing brushed stainless steel their product was cleaning my stainless steel has taken some of deep!

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