if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Nelson") { if (selectedleadType == "") { required: true, The college welcomes students from across Canada and the world. Castlegar campus is halfway between Calgary and Vancouver. if (Citizenship == "International") { Selkirk College has a total of eight campuses and learning centres across the West Kootenay and Boundary regions: Castlegar and Nelson (three campuses), Trail, Nakusp, Grand Forks, and Kaslo. first_name: { If access to either applications has not been granted, you will not be able to use or log in to either application. $("#sales-force-thank-you-dialog").dialog("open"); 'Industry & Trades Training': ['Carpentry Apprenticeship', 'Carpentry Foundation', 'Electrical Foundation', 'Electrical Apprenticeship', 'Fine Woodworking Foundation', 'Hairstylist Foundation', 'Heavy Mechanical Foundation', 'Metal Fabricator Foundation', 'Millwright/Machinist Foundation', 'Plant Operator', 'Welding'], var errors = validator.numberOfInvalids(); $(".high-school").hide(); jQuery(function() { tmp_00N4t000000ORAT: { tmp_00N4t000000OqTJ: { $(".Province-div").hide(); 7 percent of the student population is indigenous that is supported by world-class campuses like Gathering place on the Castlegar Campus. SELKIRK CANADA Canada Customer Service / Technical Support Toll Free: - 1.888.SELKIRK (735-5475) Toll Free Fax: - 1.866.835.9624 Email: cscanada@selkirkcorp.com minlength: "Your First Name must consist of at least 2 characters" ", ", Academic partnerships are the most comprehensive partnerships Berklee has with external educational institutions. document.getElementById('salesForceRetURL').value = window.location.href; /////////// Show hide Program of inteset }); $('#tmp_00N4t000000ORAT').change(function() { Tuition and Enrolment Certificates (formerly the T2202A tax form) Publications. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. })(); $(".Province-div").show(); 'Community Education & Workplace Training - Castlegar': [''], Contact Page: Home. hide: { It was established in 1966. 'Community Education & Workplace Training - Nakusp': [''], last_name: { $(".Program-of-Interest").hide() } ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? }, }); } $(".Program-of-Interest").hide() . Selkirk College staff and students with provisioned access to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro log in using their email address as username and password. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-283854-1']); 'Hospitality & Tourism': ['Culinary Management', 'Golf Club Operations', 'Post-Graduate Culinary Management', 'Post-Graduate Hospitality Management', 'Professional Cook Training', 'Resort & Hotel Management', 'Ski Resort Operations & Management'], $(".high-school").show(); It is affiliated to ACCC, CCAA, BCCAA, CBIE, CUP. /////////// Show hide high school }, 'Health': ['Gerontology', 'Health Care Assistant', 'Nursing', 'Nursing Unit Clerk', 'Pharmacy Technician', 'Post-Graduate Gerontological Nursing'], }, Submitting Transcripts for Admission. People. }, }, $("#sales-force-thank-you-dialog").dialog("open"); IT Services will be hosting 1/2 hour zoom sessions every hour on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 to help you access your new email and cover basic navigation and Outlook functions. phone: { $('#sf-submit-button').prop('disabled', false); var locations = { } required: true, 'School of the Arts': ['Blacksmithing', 'Bronze Casting', 'Ceramics', 'Digital Arts', 'Digital Fabrication & Design','Music & Technology', 'Sculptural Metal', 'Textiles', 'Web Development'], $(".Program-of-Interest").hide() if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Castlegar") { }, } Contact. }, var country = $(this).val() Discover what Selkirk College has to offer. }); Academic Pre-requisite Chart. tmp_00N4t000000ORAT: { While your goals can range from career development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to personal enrichment aimed at a hobby or fulfilling a passion, continual education is essential to all aspects of life. Selkirk College is one of British Columbia’s oldest rural community colleges. 'Community Education & Workplace Training - Nelson': [''], “Kootenay School of Art or KSA” started to take roots in the community in 1958 and in 1972 it became connected to Selkirk College with the official merger talking place in 2006. $(".Program-of-Interest").show(); Enter Your Email address * $("#00N4t000000ORAT").val(selected_value1); $('#sf-submit-button').prop('disabled', true); /////////// Cascading combox Phone. //alert("You have selected the School of Intrest " + selectedleadType); $('#00N5w00000R2DFx').change(function() { show: { var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); 413 talking about this. ]]>, Tuition and Enrolment Certificates (formerly the T2202A tax form), Budgeting and Student Financial Resources, Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC), Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI), SME Applied Research & Technology Solutions. //alert("Disable CAtcha"); ", The Selkirk College has 6 campuses in British Columbia, namely, Castlegar, Victoria Street, Sliver King, Trail Campus, Grand Forks, and Tenth Street Campus. var elems = JSON.parse(document.getElementsByName("captcha_settings")[0].value); $(".Program-of-Interest").hide() }); 'Environment & Geomatics': ['Forest Technology', 'Geographic Information Systems', 'Integrated Environmental Planning', 'Recreation, Fish & Wildlife'], Discover the presentation, contact and all scholarships of Selkirk College. minlength: 2 } required: "Please enter your First Name", onfocusout: false, required: true, Contact Selkirk college Information on Messenger. required: "Please enter your phone number. They are here to help! if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Nakusp") { It’s no surprise that Nelson was a pioneer of post-secondary fine arts education in rural British Columbia by innovators and dreamers who saw the potential. } Email Me. It has grown into one of the biggest institutions in the Boundary and West Kootenay regions. (function() { var selectedleadType = $(this).children("option:selected").val(); required: "Please make a selection. Fill out the form below to have all your program questions answered. Located in the West Kootenay region of BC, Selkirk College consists of 5 campuses and 3 learning centres, educating more than 2,400 full-time students and almost 12,000 students each year. }); 1.877.552.2821. Selkirk College Selkirk College is a community college in British Columbia, Canada. var _gaq = _gaq || []; required: "Please enter your citizenship. } 'University Arts & Sciences': ['Biochemistry', 'Biology', 'Chemistry', 'Creative Writing', 'Elementary Education', 'Engineering', 'English', 'Entry to Pharmacy', 'General Arts', 'General Sciences', 'History', 'Law & Justice Studies', 'Liberal Arts', 'Peace & Justice Studies', 'Psychology', 'Rural Pre-Medicine'], _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The college offers over 60 programs. }, 11,615 students, 352 full-time equivalent employees and 8 locations throughout the Kootenays. if (selectedleadType == "High school student") { Tuition and Enrolment Certificates (formerly the T2202A tax form), Budgeting and Student Financial Resources, Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC), Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI), SME Applied Research & Technology Solutions. About Selkirk College "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." country: { $("#sales-force-thank-you-dialog").on('dialogclose', function(event) { Selkirk College, Canada offers courses in multiple streams to all the applicants. The Outlook Client will not be deployed to personal computers. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; required: "Please enter your Last Name", required: true, var html = $.map(lcns, function(lcn) { document.getElementsByName("captcha_settings")[0].value = JSON.stringify(elems); 204-785-5328 1-866-946-3241 Selkirk College Undergraduate Admissions . dialogClass: 'sales-force-thank-you-dialog-class', You can access Outlook on the web starting February 13th, 2021 by going to https://outlook.selkirk.ca During the week of February 22nd, IT Services will begin to deploy the Outlook Client to Selkirk College owned staff machines through scheduled deployments. function recaptchaCallback() { Start Times: 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:30 … email: true Community College. minlength: 2 if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Trail") { //form.submit(); autoOpen: false, duration: 1000 $("#00N5w00000R1zUp").val(selected_value); }); invalidHandler: function(form, validator) { var $locations = $('#00N5w00000R2DG2'); A member of our recruitment team will be contacting you shortly, keep an eye on your inbox! validator.errorList[0].element.focus();
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